" DECOY" The Real McCoy

Da' Story

 The "numstyles" company is more than just a business, is family a lifestyle, most important is a legacy.  In memory of Eddie, Campos who vanished on to the next episode on March the 5, 2011 - Born on November 16, of 1983. Eddie better known as "Decoy" left a foundation in the underworld. In an underworld that doesn't exit's no were here, but definitely doe's exit's inside each an everyone of us. He was born in East L.A. His childhood grew at 923 st in Los Angeles and attended Menlo Ave elementary after to Adam's.  After hard work and sacrifice's from both parent's the time arrived to patiently moved to the city of Gardena. Moved in around the year 1997. In G-Town he attended Peary middle school, graduated on to Gardena High. At Peary was were the creativity grew. First nickname he gave himself was "CO`nO".  Also gave most homboi's their first nickname's. At "g-high the name got rearranged to 'decoy. And the name kept evolving on note book's, buses, sidewalks and without a doubt on them wall's. His character and leadership was impactful, so impactful me myself was and still am heavily influence.  At that time he always was connected with family and friend's from different age's and area's.. He drop out of school and transit to father-hood. Priority's and mindset's were changed. But nothing changed the fact that as the year's went by the skill and talent  had matured. Leaving evidence of multiple drawings, design's and amazing cultural characters. 

"Da Aftermath"

Hailing from the city of Gardena, Mr. Nums brings a fresh vision and vibe to the underground Hip-Hop scene. N.U.M is the acronym for New Underground Musik. And "Numstyles being the main initiative. Nums style is very diverse & dynamic, which makes him very versatile. Truly after the loss of his brother the numstyles slowly began to take shape and form. Build for the family and for those that can relate and benefit from. Regardless of all surroundings and distractions, nums found an escape in music and in art like most of us do. Numstyles speaks to an audience of all ages and colors. Providing a delivery of ambition and passion in every project and painting made.