-With Interest-

 The N.U.M.styles posterity is the future of the future.Keeping Hip Hop relevant with it's uniqeness and numbness. Witness the real with each and every track you hear.The last of the dying breed will proceed to give you what you need. 


Rap, in general has survived for so long for so many genaration's that it only keep's evolving. With that being said, it is an exiting time and opportunity to strive to keep Hip-Hop alive. The N.U.M.styles is it's own formula. It will provide an authentic message that anyone can benefit from, weather your in-tuned or not.


When you invest in the best you receive the best of the best nothing more and nothing less!!! The numstyles truly appreciates your time and respect. Because with your presence and participation the REAL only get's stronger.

"DASAGA"prt.1 {People Like Me}

"DASAGA" {Ama B}

"DASAGA" {U Gots 2}

FREE Carlos Coy aka* S.P.M. 

"DASAGA" {Beter Than Eva}