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About the N.U.M.styles


A Family Thang

"Rejoice not iniquity, but rejoice in the truth" Nothing can change the fact that family is not a choice but a blessing. Family is thee irreplaceable word that best describe's unity, because family come's in different times, places, shape's and color's. Any intention's to create strong family's are worth it. Regardless the consequences. If is meant to be is meant to be, because loyalty comes naturally. So when you stay true to the game the game will stay and do the same. Were all bless to bless regardless the circumstance's. * So invest in the best take a breatha and witness the birth of growing success. 


The Past The Future And The Present

These NUMSTYLES* First thing Mr. Nums is a one of a kind entrepreneur who is in the independent industry. If it wasn't for some legend's that payed the wave, the N.U.M. would not be in motion!!"Much luv and appreciation to my kids, entire family and all contributors. It is such a blessing to be above ground everyday and have the opportunity to give thanks to God for helping me push through. So because is more than okay to be different the"numstyles" are here.


Your stelo

In the N.U.M.styles store, you will browse through unheard musik and find the most unseen design's in the world. Depending on your taste, mood or vibe we have different designers & artist to choose from.

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